Sunday, January 30, 2011

fun with pictures and newspaper.

Here is a mixed media piece that I thought turned out stellar. =]

still life.

it stayed perfectly still.


I was just putzing around with water and acrylics...used bubble wrap in the corner =]

Artist trading cards! =]

Here is an artist trading card I completed winter 2010
The back of the artist trading cards =]

birdie =]

it's been a while!

Hey all, I've forgotten all about updating my blog. I feel like a slacker...though I should for not sharing what I've been working on. So, now I have like a whole summer and almost year worth of backed up artwork. yikes!!! =O so it'll be a bit lengthly however I'll try to keep ya'll informed when I completed the works. feel free to critique and comment =] xoxo natalie!